HiNounou Cited by Accenture as Model of Silver-economy Insurance

HiNounou is cited in an article of Accenture as an outstanding solution that deliver what seniors want and need with insurance companies.

Here is the excerpt from https://insuranceblog.accenture.com/most-desirable-features-for-silver-economy-insurance.

Companies such as Vayyar Imaging, which uses radar rather than cameras to build 3D images, are paying attention to the need for privacy. But the HiNounou solution offered by AXA and its partners in China stands out for a number of reasons.
HiNounou is a holistic and innovative home wellness solution for seniors that is powered by AI, the IoT, blockchain, and genomics. Its partners include Bayer, AXA, Ping An, ZTE AngelCare, Walimai and L’Atelier BNP Paribas. The HiNounou platform and ecosystem offer China’s seniors “the first dedicated insurance-as-a-service product”, regardless of their medical history. It enables regular biomarker monitoring, a 24/7 tele-consultation hotline, and an intelligent health data platform that securely stores and shares data via blockchain.
The blockchain architecture can help combat insurance fraud through the adoption of smart contracts, whilst ensuring a vast increase in the efficiency of information flow and payments between insurers and reinsurers. It will also enable insurance companies to calculate risks and build customised health insurance pricing models based on genuine health records and real-time wellness data provided through the HiNounou ecosystem.