HEC校友Charles Bark和法国总统聊了什么?

昨晚一条关于HEC校友 CHARLES BARK在中法人工智能论坛向法国总统马克龙介绍其创业公司的信息在HEC上海校友群热传,同学们纷纷为其打CALL点赞。为此我们第一时间采访到CHARLES,一起来听听他的创业故事还有他和法国总统马克龙都热聊了些什么。 

Charles拥有20多年的工作经验,其中包括在中法两国10年企业家经验,10年高级管理人员经验,4年担任Nounou研发人员经历。他是HiNouNou的5项专利的持有者。拥有HEC Paris和UTC学位。

Hi Charles, thank you for your time,please give a brief introduction of your company and where comes the idea of launching this new business?

My company is called HiNouNou Intelligent Robot, after combining 12Y R&D in 4 countries, we will launch this month the first disruptive InsurTech dedicated to 200 million elderly in China with AXA based on our AI-IoT/Healthcare Predictive Mobile Health. The dream is to help the elderly to live longer, healthier and happier at home. The reason that we use "InsurTech" (Insurance and Technology) is that insurance is a major problem in China, the elderly over 65 years cannot be well covered by any private insurance. And second thing is that we don't have any visibility of the elderly at their home. Actually, this initiative came from a pain that I had, I am working in Shanghai but my mother is retired and she is living very far away from me. 4 years ago, I called my mother and asked if she was ok, she said that she was fine and asked me to not worry about her, but later my brother called me and said that our mother just fell down.

I had a shock and then I kept thinking why we can't have visibility of things happening at home. Even better, can we have a Health prediction exactly like weather forecast that every morning when you weak up, you see an app and you know the weather condition. I want to have this visibility to help my mother at home, but it didn’t exist even today, I understand well that my problem is not only my problem, half of the people living in Beijing or Shanghai are not local. It becomes almost everybody's biggest concern, so my dream becomes bigger, I want to be a game changer to solve not only my problem but everybody's problem in elderly' care. And before going study in HEC, I was engineer from UTC, I notice that there is no good solution for elderly on the market or less creative, and as an entrepreneur, I start to think to change this lack of services.

谢谢,我的公司名称为HiNouNou Intelligent Robort,经过在4个国家的12年研发,我们将在本月推出首个颠覆性InsurTech,致力于为中国的2亿老年人提供健康保障。我们的使命是帮助老年人在家里更长寿,更健康,更快乐的生活。保险问题是当下中国老年人面临的主要问题,65岁以上的老人并不能在私人保险方面被很好地覆盖。其次我们并不能实时掌握家中老人的健康信息。其实这个想法也来自于一次我个人的痛苦经历。我在上海工作,母亲退休在家住的离我很远。 4年前,我打电话问候母亲,她说她一切都很好,不用担心,但是我的哥哥后来打电话给我说我妈妈刚刚摔倒了。


What makes this initiative become a business reality?

When you have a dream, you need a dream team. I found my team members, some of them coming from HEC Paris, some are my classmates at the engineering school, who are researchers in the elderly care area already. Then we did 12 years of R&D, 3 labs, built a lab. every 4 years, including the one in the University Hospitals of Strasbourg. Our dream team was split into 2 expertizes, one is in health care and one is in AI Robotic. We came up with an intelligent robot after 3 POCs, the last one holds 5 patents in China. The other lab is focusing on the prediction of heart failure, and the other 4 years we focused on the research of the prediction of falling down of aging people.

当你拥有一个梦想后,你同样需要一个梦想团队。我分别在HEC和UTC找到我的合作伙伴。这些研究人员都深耕于老年人保健行业,我们做了十二年的研发,每四年成立一个实验室,包括斯特拉斯堡大学医院在内的实验室。 团队的专长主要分布在两个领域,一个在医疗保健,一个在AI机器人。 在三次验证性测试后,我们做出了一个拥有五项专利的智能机器人。另外一个实验室关注的是心衰预测,另外四年我们在对老年人摔倒方面做出了研究。

What was the most difficult moment or a decision and how you over came them?

I put all the profits of the first company to invest in the second one, and then I put all my personal money in the second one. It was a difficult decision, but when I had the shock from my mother that she fell down, then I thought it needs a solution and I would like to dedicate all my resources and all my money to the project. It’s not only my problem but everybody’s, it’s worthy to invest.

我把第一家公司的所有利润投入第二家,然后把我所有的个人资金都放在第二家。 这对与我来说是一个艰难的决定,但是当我得知我母亲摔倒后,我认为这个问题需要得到改善,需要有一个解决方案,所以我愿意把我所有的资源和所有的私人钱财投入到这个项目中。因为老人护理这方面不仅是我所遇到的问题,同样也是每个人的问题,这么做非常值得。

What’s the key progress you made to have thesuccess of today?

Dream, dream team and innovation.

First you need to have a very clear, big dream and vision, a simple but big dream helps you to attract the second key factor which is the perfect dream team. The third one is innovation, nobody will trace you if you don’t have an eye-catching product. You need to have a disruptive innovation to attract people and to have a visibility. Disruptive innovation brings you the credential, the business credibility.And because of the credential, we were invited by Singularity University of Google to give a key speech in Poland to share our innovations.

Now we are about to launch on mobiles and smartphones our MVP, it’s coming this month. At our Wechat Shop, we will send a package with 4 things inside: InsurTech Package, Insurance for elderly, Gene testing, algorithm to predict and to prevent heart failure. 



我们即将在本月在智能手机上推出我们的最小可行性产品。在我们的微店,我们会发送一个内含四件产品的服务可供选择。 物联网设备,老年保险,基因检测,预测和预防心力衰竭的算法.


What did the president told you and what did you say to him?

All the disruptive innovation in AI Robotic, silver economy are very important for the President Macron,it’s a key issue to solve, so we are invited to meet him. President Macron asked what do we do, what is our suggestion. And I answered that HiNouNou is a wonderful business innovation case. We brought the innovation from France, and the innovation coming from China like gene testing is legally forbidden in France, after we mingle everything together, we reinject all to France, thus jobs are created in France, I suggested him to establish platforms that help French innovations to be converted to projects in China, and it can be reinjected in France in a better way. 


What are the perspectives of your project?

To be a game changer in the world of elderly care. We are going to launch our first elderly package with AXA. First target will be in China, and we are taking with France, Korea and Hong Kong. 

成为老年人护理行业的变革者。 我们将与AXA合作推出我们的第一套老人保险方案。 我们将第一个目标定在中国,同时我们正在与法国,韩国和香港进行交流。

What’s the main take away from HEC Paris?


I really like the HEC’s motto, “the more you know, the more you dare”. We need to dare to use the knowledge to make the world better. My advice is to dare to follow our dream. One of my favorite quotes is from St Exupery, “Let your dream devours your life before your life devours your dream”.There are so many people in the world who live the dream of others. They sacrifice their dream for the employment security, but somehow, we should dare to jump out of our comfort zone to live our dream. As high level educated man, I propose to use our knowledge and experience to make our world better. One question we should ask ourselves: do we make the rich richer, the poor poorer? or do we make the world better. I invite everybody in and out of HEC community to help HiNouNou to make our dream come true. We welcome any support (your good heart-smart brain and skills-business connection) to convert our mission of helping elderly to live longer healthier and happier into reality. We are also looking for 2nd round investor to industrialize our healthcare AI Robotic to be the game changer in elderly Care in the world including your country!


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