Daxue Consulting Interview: How to start a dream driven elderly care business in China

Daxue Consulting interviewed Charles Bark, HiNounou’s founder & CEO, on 28th May, with the topic of “How to start a dream driven elderly care business in China”. 

Created in 2009 in Beijing, Daxue Consulting is an agile research firm providing tailored market research solutions with strategical & full-length reports. The company also holds a China business podcast called "China paradigm" where they interview successful entrepreneurs about their businesses in China.

HiNounou is honored to be featured as a key player in elderly care business in China.

Highlights of this episode include:
o    China's unique senior care challenge
o    The yins and yangs of health care
o    How to find partners and factories in China, with some simple screening questions
o    How HiNounou partnered with Universities to make prototypes
o    How to become a board member of a company

For more details, please click the link and watch the video:https://daxueconsulting.com/startup-chinese-elderly-care/

Or read the interview: http://chinaparadigm.com/senior-care-china/