China Matters interviews Charles Bark: how entrepreneurs can help international relations

In March 2019, China Matters interviewed Charles Bark, Founder and CEO of HiNounou, on how entrepreneurs can help international relations.  

Recognized as one of the top 3 French entrepreneurs in AI in China by French president Macron, Charles talked about his own experience in China, from his first trip 20 years ago to his entrepreneurial journey by founding HiNounou. He then shared his insights about the fast development of China as well as how China and France can strengthen their bond for the good of both countries.


Inspired by his pain with his mother, Charles worked with his team to create a comprehensive wellness kit combining AI, robotics, IoT, DNA genomics, blockchain and insurTech, to help seniors live Longer, Healthier and Happier at home and bring Peace of Mind to their children who live far away from them.


As 2019 marks the 55th year of Chinese-French diplomatic relations, Charles also highlighted how startups like HiNounou are reinforcing the bridge between China and France. He stated that entrepreneurs play an important role in exchanging innovations of these two countries; and by more multidisciplinary collaborations in terms of science, technology and art can Chinese and French citizens communicate better and both enjoy better life!


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